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Cooper Urdges Speaker to Bring Congress Back to Session


Location: Nasvhille, TN

Congressman Jim Cooper (TN-05) joined sent the following letter to Speaker John Boehner and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi urging them to call Congress back into session to address the fiscal crisis. An excerpt is below.

"Standard and Poor's recent downgrade of America's credit rating is a serious embarrassment. Clearly, the debt ceiling deal passed by Congress eight days ago -- while an important first step -- did not do nearly enough to instill confidence in our nation's ability to deal with our long-term debt problem…. Our fiscal and jobs situation is dire and both deserve the full and immediate attention of Congress. We ask you to reconvene the House immediately, and show the American people and the financial markets that Congress can solve these big problems, in a bipartisan fashion. We can't afford to wait until September to get back to work."

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