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Public Statements News - Sen. Paul Speaks Out About Jobs

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Kentucky's freshman U.S. senator told a crowd of community and business leaders in southern Kentucky that government needs to get out of the way to help the marketplace.

Rand Paul spoke at the Cumberland Valley Area Development District meeting in London Wednesday.

He says while President Obama is talking about creating jobs, the best thing would be to help existing businesses by relaxing government regulations.

"Nine out of ten restaurants fail. Nine out of ten small businesses fail," said Senator Paul. "If you have good political leaders they should go to the one business that's doing well or the one small business that made it last year and say, how can I make your job easier. How can I lessen your tax burden, get regulations out of the way."

Paul says the government has gotten itself into trouble by bailing out businesses that fail.

He says that's not the government's role.

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