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POTUS Touts GOP Jobs Ideas, But is Stuck on Failed "Spend, Tax, Regulate" Agenda

Location: Washington, DC

With the American people disapproving of his handling of the economy and no new ideas of his own for creating jobs, President Obama is touting Republican ideas for creating a better environment for private-sector job growth on his campaign tour across the Midwest -- even though he's stuck on the same failed "stimulus" agenda of more spending, higher taxes, and more regulations. For example:

* PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS he wants to "eliminate some of the loopholes" in the tax code to address our spending-driven debt crisis … but he also wants to raise taxes on families and small businesses, which would destroy jobs. The House passed a budget to spur job growth, cut trillions of dollars in spending, and pay down our debt over time without raising taxes. And -- as Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor wrote in USA Today -- the GOP budget would "broaden the base and lower the rates for everyone, while making the tax code more fair by closing loopholes."

* PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS "[t]here is some red tape that needs to be cut; we should cut it"… but he won't get behind House-passed bills reining in excessive regulations. The House passed legislation to stop the EPA from imposing a national energy tax, prevent a government takeover of the internet, repeal ObamaCare (with its job-crushing mandates and penalties), and more. Republicans also proposed the REINS Act to help eliminate red tape holding back job growth.

* PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS he's committed to ensuring entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare are "there for the next generation and the generation after that" … but he's opposed the House-passed budget that would reform and protect our entitlement programs from bankruptcy -- the "key to long-term fiscal sustainability," according to S&P.

* PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS patent reform is something Congress should make happen … but he's yet to support House-passed legislation Speaker Boehner says "modernizes our patent system to help create private sector jobs and keep America on the leading edge of innovation." The House approved The America Invents Act (H.R. 1249) on June 23 by a vote of 304-117.

* PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS "[w]e should go ahead and get those trade deals done." He said this is something "Congress could do right now" … but Congress can't approve trade agreements until the president submits them -- and right now, they're just sitting on his desk. House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) called "on the President to send the job-creating trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea to Congress without further delay." Speaker Boehner says "further delay of these job-creating trade bills is unacceptable."

"To get our economy moving," says Congressman Boehner, the American people need the president to provide "leadership and serious solutions that reflect a true change in his approach to our economy and the role of government." Until President Obama abandons his focus on increasing spending, raising taxes, and adding new regulations -- the same failed policies that have left us with more debt and fewer jobs -- his approach to the economy hasn't changed … even if he seems to be embracing GOP ideas at the same time.

Learn more about the Republican blueprint for job creation, and track GOP jobs bills, at Jobs.GOP.Gov.

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