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Governor Jindal: ACLU Lawsuit on Behalf of Sex Offenders a "Disturbing Break from Reality"


Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Today, Governor Bobby Jindal released the following statement after receiving a lawsuit from the ACLU against the state over a law the Governor recently signed to prohibit convicted sex offenders from using social networking websites:

"We will not comply with this request to allow convicted sex predators to use social networking sites. I will fight this with everything I have. If these people want to search the Internet for new victims they can do it somewhere else.

"Just a few weeks ago, federal officials announced the bust of the largest international online child pornography ring, which is connected to Louisiana and will be prosecuted here. Today, the ACLU sued us on behalf of sex offenders, wanting to strike down a law I recently signed to prohibit convicted sex offenders from using social networking sites where they could prey on our children. This lawsuit is a disturbing break from reality, even for the ACLU. As Governor and the father of three young kids, I will fight the ACLU every step of the way and do everything I can to keep our kids safe from the monsters who want to harm them.

"The ACLU's lawsuit represents a criminal already convicted of child pornography who wants to use social networking sites. This is exactly what we designed our new law to prevent. We want to protect our children from being victimized in anything like what US Attorney General Eric Holder described as "some of the most disturbing images, I think, you will ever see.'

"The Attorney General said "It's hard to imagine a penalty severe enough' for a crime like this. But, in Louisiana, we not only have some of the harshest penalties for sex offenders -- including castration, we are working to prevent these horrific crimes from occurring in the first place by keeping sex offenders far away from our children.

"It is frankly insulting for the ACLU to claim it is a convicted sex offender's "First Amendment right' to use Facebook, MySpace, and Craigslist."

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