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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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ST. SEN. LENA TAYLOR (D), WISCONSIN: You know, we`re excited. I can`t tell you that there aren`t some individuals who I think look at it honestly wrongly, when they believe that we`ve not won.

This was huge. We went in Republican`s turf, we went in their backyard and sandbox and we took some toys and we took them home and made them our own -- two of those seats. And that`s a victory. These are the people who won in the Obama landslide of 200 and these are individuals who frankly, for us to have done this was a great thing.

Would we have liked three, sure?

SCHULTZ: All right.

TAYLOR: But this is only round two.

SCHULTZ: All right. Scott Walker says he now wants to reach out and work with the minority to create jobs. This is the same governor that had state troopers looking for you just five months ago, six months ago. Do
you trust him? And is this a step forward?

TAYLOR: Well, it`s a step forward, but we have to see if what he says, he puts into action.

SCHULTZ: What about the recall efforts?

TAYLOR: There`s truly some reasons not to trust it.

SCHULTZ: Where does the recall stand right now after last night`s results in your opinion?

TAYLOR: I don`t anticipate that anybody has said that they`re not going to do a recall effort on Governor Walker right now. The issue is, if you look at the statewide numbers, really, the Republicans should be
nervous, because no race did they win hands down easily. They had to go to a fight, and they got some scratches and some bruises.

They were scared, they worked hard, they had to raise a lot of money are and Walker sees that. If he doesn`t see it, he needs some different individuals around him telling him what`s going on.

SCHULTZ: Well, you got 12 percent of the people voting last night in Wisconsin. They lose two seats. They almost lost a third one. If that`s not a message to the governor to get involved and work with the other side, I don`t know what is.

But now, he`s trying to talk down the possibility of a recall, and I understand that the Republicans in that state right now are drafting legislation to change the recall laws.

What do you make of that?

TAYLOR: That`s my understanding as a matter of fact, I would expect him to continue to do many other radical things, to try to make it where we can`t move forward in the fashions we have.


TAYLOR: Redistricting, they`ve done it. Some individuals will not live in their districts. There`s no question that the governor should be concerned. There`s no question that people are still energetic, motivated,
we`re excited. We have a whole bunch of individuals who sign those recall petitions, that`s going to work in a statewide race.


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