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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


Location: Unknown


STATE REP. SANDY PASCH, (D), WISCONSIN: Oh, it`s great to be here.

SCHULTZ: That -- there`s tremendous enthusiasm throughout the state. Both sides have worked very hard to get the vote out. You`ve seen the Tea Party groups that have come in the state the last four days. It has
bolstered the confidence of the Senate Majority Leader John Fitzgerald, who told "The New York Times" that Republicans will keep control of the Senate. He told them, quote, "No question about it." What is your response to that?

PASCH: I think he`s very misinformed. Obviously, he hasn`t been in my district and talking to the people and seeing the level of enthusiasm we have. I`m sorry, Senator Fitzgerald is just wrong.


SCHULTZ: And, Sandy, Alberta Darling -- your opponent tomorrow, Alberta Darling is, I`m told, to be as close to Scott Walker agenda-wise as probably anybody else in the Senate. Has this helped your campaign? And a lot of money has gone into this district that`s come out of the state through groups that people can`t even identify.



SCHULTZ: How are you going to beat Alberta Darling?

PASCH: Well, I`m going to beat her because people really expected her to step up to use her 20 years of experience, her roll on Joint Finance to fight for the people of the senate district and to fight for the people in
the state of Wisconsin. She didn`t. She let them down. She didn`t listen. She was more in step with Scott Walker instead of the people of the district. And so the special interest money has been pouring in
because they see Senator Darling as someone who has done their bidding and they know that they are going to be losing that person doing their bidding on Joint Finance.


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