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McIntyre Statement on Voting No on Raising the Debt Ceiling


Location: Washington, DC

McIntyre Statement on Voting No on Raising the Debt Ceiling

U.S. Congressman Mike McIntyre released the following statement regarding his vote against raising the nation's debt ceiling:

"This bill does not meet the necessary tests to protect our financial security, our national security, and our personal security.

"First, by raising the debt ceiling once again, we are extending our nation's credit card for additional debt and continuing the spending binge that we must stop. We MUST rein in government spending.

"Second, we are risking our national security with arbitrary, harmful cuts that would undermine our force structure, capabilities, and the ability to provide for our national security, which is to "provide the common defense' that is our constitutional duty and is necessary for a free and strong United States. Everyone must share in reductions in spending, but to specifically, and arbitrarily, slash our nation's defense is not responsible. As General Martin Dempsey, the current Army Chief of Staff who has been nominated to become the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, deep defense cuts would be "extraordinarily difficult and very high risk.'

"And third, we are risking the personal security of many with the cuts to Medicare providers and our hospitals who are on the front lines serving so many who need help.

"These are risks that are too great, too serious, and too grave. We can and we should do better for the security of our country. This deal could have been done without arbitrarily risking these critical programs."

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