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Congressman David Rivera's Week in Review- Week of July 25th

Press Release

Location: Washington DC

Congressman David Rivera (FL-25) was in Washington last week focused on American economic issues as the debt limit discussion continued.

The American People Won't Stand for the Democrats' Fiscal Irresponsibility, and Neither will Congressman Rivera

Congressman Rivera spoke with Univision network news on Thursday about why he was supporting the plan that Speaker Boehner presented to the House of Representatives last week.

When asked about how the Republican freshman class felt about the plan, the Congressman said,

"The majority of the freshman Members of Congress will be voting in favor of Speaker Boehner's plan because we know that it is the only plan that exists that will be able to control the national debt and has the necessary spending cuts that will let our economy grow this year until we are able to solve this problem in the near future.

"This is especially true now that the President has not presented a plan, and the Senate has yet to approve a plan. The House of Representatives is taking the lead to assure that we can control the national debt and cut spending to begin to balance the federal budget."

Congressman Rivera on Foreign Affairs Cuts to the OAS and Hostile Latin American Governments

Congressman Rivera spoke to Spanish language news network NTN24 and with the Voice of America Latin America about the cuts to the Organization of American States and the governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

"When there is a national debt of trillions of dollars I believe that every penny spent is going to be analyzed. These are millions and millions of dollars that need to be analyzed and protected for our taxpayers--the funds for every program in the United States, for every government program--the funds for every international organization.

"The most important thing is to respond to the taxpayers in this country, so everything has to fall within the context of the national debt that we are facing

"We have limited resources and a limited budget, but it is also important for us to send a clear message that we want to get closer to the people in these countries while at the same time sending a message that we will not tolerate the use of American taxpayer dollars for governments that constantly threaten the interests of democracy."

Congressman Rivera also stressed that free trade agreements, like those pending with Colombia and Panama, would be a net positive for the American economy.

"Promoting free trade will not cost the United States money. Instead it will grow our economy and increase our revenues, creating jobs in the United States. Free trade is precisely what we should be focusing on."

Notable Meetings: Port of Miami Director

Congressman Rivera met with Port of Miami Director Bill Johnson on Tuesday. The Port of Miami is the 12th largest container port in the nation, and the largest in Florida. It generates 176,000 jobs. Johnson, who has been Port Director since 2006, and the Congressman, discussed the dredging of the Port of Miami.

Notable Meetings: Human Rights and Democracy in Venezuela

Congressman Rivera met with a group of distinguished Venezuelans on Thursday. The Congressman met with Dr. Alfredo Coronil Hartman, an attorney who served three terms as a Member of the Venezuelan National Congress; Dr. Juan Carlos Sosa Azpurua, an attorney specializing in negotiations and conflict resolution, who is the president and founder of the Social Movement for the Dignity and Liberty of Venezuela "Fenix", Dr. Sosa Azpurua is also a primary candidate for the Venezuelan presidency for the 2012 election cycle; and Vice Admiral Rafael Huizi Clavier, a retired Deputy Commander of the Venezuelan Navy and ex Inspector General of the Venezuelan Armed Forces. Vice Admiral Huizi Clavier is the president and founder of the Institutional Military Front NGO as well as the principal director of the Manual Vote Foundation NGO.

They updated Congressman Rivera on Venezuela's crippled democracy, human rights violations in the country, as well as the state of the political and electoral process of Venezuela's 2012 presidential election.

Notable Meetings: AIPAC National Council Member

Congressman Rivera met with American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) National Council Member Bruce Levy on Tuesday. The Congressman and Levy discussed the nuclear threat to Israel from Iran, foreign aid to Israel and Israel's pursuit of peace among other Middle East developments. AIPAC works to strengthen the relations between the United States and Israel.

Notable Meetings: Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Public Service Leadership Breakfast Series

On Wednesday Congressman Rivera gave the keynote speech to more than 60 students from around the country at the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities National Internship Program Public Leadership Breakfast Series.

The Hispanic National Internship Program was established 19 years ago and has grown to be the largest Hispanic internship program in the nation. The program has helped more than 8,500 undergraduate and graduate students develop professionally through public and private sector internships at federal agencies and corporations.

Notable Meetings: FIU DC Summer Internship Experience Program

On Wednesday Congressman Rivera spoke to approximately 60 students from his alma mater, Florida International University. The university welcomed Congressman Rivera to a "Hill 101" workshop for FIU students participating in the DC Summer Internship Experience Program.

Every summer FIU students go to Washington to intern on Capitol Hill, at federal agencies, non-profit organizations and private sector companies. DC Summer Internship Experience Program students have the opportunity to participate in mentoring and networking programs to learn more about the federal policy arena.

Notable Meetings: National Young Leaders Conference Student

Congressman Rivera met with a student with the National Young Leaders Conference on Thursday. The student lives in the Congressman's South Florida District. The National Young Leaders Conference is designed to inspire young people to achieve their full leadership potential.

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