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Issue Position: Values

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Recognizing the inherent value in every human life, I will continue my pro-life voting record while I serve you in the House of Representative.

Moreover, no one who opposes abortion should be coerced to perform or pay for an abortion. Consequently, I will oppose laws and legislation that infringe on health care workers' right to follow the dictates of their conscience. In addition, I remain opposed to laws and regulations which require taxpayers to pay for abortion.

While I support adult stem cell research and welcome further advances in induced pluripotent stem cell research, I oppose experimentation that destroys human life or degrades human dignity such as embryonic stem cell research and human cloning.

In keeping faith with our Greatest Generation, I oppose efforts by the federal government to ration health care for American seniors through bureaucrat-driven "quality-adjusted life years" rationing formulas.

Traditional Marriage:

Despite recent attempts to redefine the institution of marriage, marriage is and will remain a union between one man and one woman. Given this fact, I will not support efforts to alter the legal definition of marriage.

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