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Farenthold Votes for Budget Control Act that Offers Real Solutions to Avoid Default and Cut Spending


Location: Washington, DC

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the bipartisan Budget Control Act of 2011 by a vote of 269-161. This bill represents a realistic approach that confirms the commitment House Republicans made to the American public: it cuts and caps federal spending, requires a vote on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and facilitates a bipartisan plan to reduce the national deficit. Additionally, it is the first time that a vote on a debt ceiling increase was accompanied by major spending cuts. Representative Blake Farenthold (TX-27) released the following statement on the Budget Control Act:

"The American people have spoken and they are tired of spending money we don't have. Not only does this bill make real cuts, it also requires both the House and the Senate to vote on a balance budget amendment to the Constitution, this will guarantee economic security moving forward.

"While this bill was not perfect, it points Washington in the right direction and shifts us toward a path of fiscal sanity. The simple truth is Washington has a spending problem. This bill addresses it by keeping the commitment I made to cut spending, and balance the budget without raising taxes on hard working Americans.

"We are changing the culture in Washington and taking steps to get our fiscal house in order. This is about our way of life and restoring confidence in the American Dream."

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