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Statement on the Budget Control Act


Location: Washington, DC

On Friday, Representative Blake Farenthold (TX-27) voted in favor of the Budget Control Act which cuts and controls discretionary spending. The Act cuts $22 billion in spending next year, saves $917 billion over ten years and raises the debt ceiling by less than $900 billion. The Act also requires the House and Senate to pass a balanced budget amendment before any additional debt limit increases occur.

"This is the second bill that the House of Representatives has sent to the Senate in less than two weeks. Americans are tired of Washington playing politics with the economy.

Washington is in debt because it has a serious spending problem, not a taxing problem. The Budget Control Act will cut spending greater than the amount that the debt limit is increased without raising taxes. It will also require both chambers in Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment before any other increases in the debt limit are considered.

While this bill is not perfect, it lives up to my commitment to bring financial sanity to Washington and control runaway spending."

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