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Griffin: Debt Agreement "Not Perfect' But Good Start


Location: Washington, DC

Issues: Economy and Jobs, Tax Reform

Congressman Tim Griffin (AR-02) issued the following statement in support of the revised Budget Control Act of 2011 (S. 365), the agreement reached tonight to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the federal government's out-of-control spending:

"Make no mistake, this one bill does not "fix' the deficit or debt problem that took decades to create, but it's a start. If this were the only step, I would vote no. But it isn't: It is the beginning of a long, hard battle that will require many tough choices. This bill is not perfect, but it is good and is consistent with my principles of no tax increases, spending cuts now, spending cuts in the future, caps on spending, entitlement reform and a vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment. If the current debt agreement would have failed, it would have been replaced by a deal that depended more on Nancy Pelosi's Democrat votes and would have been a worse deal for sure. The current deal is not a great deal, but it is the best resolution divided government is going to get us. It cuts with no tax hikes. And that's progress."

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