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Bachus Statement on Passage of Budget Control Act


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Spencer Bachus (AL-6) tonight voted for the Budget Control Act of 2011, an agreement that contains spending cuts greater than the increase in the debt limit, sets a pattern of spending caps for future years, and requires a House and Senate vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Bachus issued the following statement after the passage of the legislation, which cleared the House by a vote of 269-161. The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration, perhaps later tonight.

"The choice is between voluntary default, which is not an acceptable option, and beginning to put the U.S. on a path to controlling spending and balancing the budget. Until now, Washington has always accommodated deficit spending by automatically raising the debt ceiling, which is akin to someone simply raising their credit card limit when they cannot pay their bills as opposed to reducing their spending. The debate over the debt ceiling, while intense, has shifted the conversation from how much more the federal government will borrow to actual ways that Washington will spend less. The difference from the previous Congress, which passed an expensive stimulus and a trillion-dollar takeover of health care, could not be more striking."

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