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Issue Position: Defense

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The United States faces a number of serious long-term national security challenges -- from international terrorism to weapons proliferation to failed or failing nation states. To confront and overcome these challenges in concert with our international allies, we must maintain a strong national defense. First and foremost are our troops. I am committed to ensuring our soldiers, sailors, and airmen are provided the resources, medical care, and benefits necessary to defend the American people. These brave men and women are America's best, and they deserve nothing less. I have been proud to support legislation that increases military pay, fully funds the TRICARE health system, and expands military educational benefits, such as the Post 9-11Veterans Educational Assistance Act.

Congress should also make sure our military has the most effective and technologically-advanced weapons systems and hardware. This must be done in a prudent way that reduces cost and maximizes taxpayer dollars. I have consistently supported the National Defense Authorization Act and the Defense Appropriations Act. These annual bills authorize and fund the various defense systems and programs our troops rely on to keep America safe.

If you are a reservist, a family member or friend of a reservist, or interested in joining the reserves, here are answers to your questions about health care plans, pay, pensions, and local reservist support groups.

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