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Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position


We want more: Exploring and developing our domestic and friendly foreign sources is the key priority.

Our country's economy and national security future hinges upon our ability to become energy independent. Without our own reliable and consistent source of energy, we remain reliable on others to power our homes, businesses, farms, and cars.

Our domestic energy resources are vast, yet remain largely underutilized. Limits on drilling on our coasts make us dependent on nations who do not like America much, so it is important that we lift coastal drilling bans here in the U.S. Similarly, Congress must rein in the power of federal agencies to restrict energy production. There is too much power vested in the bureaucracy when it comes to deciding who and what forms of energy can be utilized here in the United States.

I support an "all-of-the-above" strategy for energy. This includes exploration of viable alternative forms of energy, including, but not limited to: wind, biofuel, ethanol, and nuclear. However, it is important that we approach alternative energy pragmatically, especially in today's difficult economic times. The unchecked power of the Environmental Protection Agency must be reined in; they must be stopped from putting an ideological agenda ahead of the country's economic well-being and job creation.

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