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Jobs are created by entrepreneurs, not bureaucrats and politicians in Washington.

The past three years have been tough for Americans. Job losses and losses of retirement savings have created a climate of uncertainty for American families. Moving forward, Congress must approach economic policy with job creation in mind. It is imperative that we take steps to reduce regulation and lower taxes so that employers are not burdened with red tape, but rather are empowered to grow their businesses. We must establish a climate of certainty for business owners so that their costs of regulatory compliance and tax burdens are predictable year after year. Two examples of what the House has already done include:

* Voting to repeal Obamacare in full: The Senate is unlikely to take it up, though. If fully implemented in a few years, this law will place a considerable burden on businesses of all sizes.

* Voting to repeal Obamacare in part: The House and the Senate passed bills to repeal the 1099 provision included in Obamacare. This will eliminate the requirement placed on businesses to submit 1099 forms to the IRS for every vendor with which they do $600 worth of business. I heard from employers and accountants in the district how much this would burden them with paperwork. The President has signed this in to law.

However, compromising economic recovery is Washington's inability to tighten its belt. Taking on more debt and sustaining trillion-dollar deficits is not the way to create a climate of certainty for America's job creators.

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