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Balanced Budget Amendment

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCALISE. Mr. Speaker, as we are dealing with this debate over the debt limit, I think one thing that's become clear as people have followed over the last few weeks is that Washington has a spending problem. And regardless of the resolution of today's action in the House and Senate, I hope nobody thinks that this is the end of this debate. Frankly, this is just the beginning of the debate to finally cut spending in Washington and put real controls in place.

I think as we look over the next few months, we need to continue to push for a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution because ultimately that's the kind of accountability that we need to ensure that we change the culture of spending in Washington. Clearly, tax cuts will not solve this problem, that will only make matters worse; but if the problem is spending, why would you want to send even more money up to Washington to let them spend even more?

We've got to control spending; we've got to start making cuts today; but we ultimately need that accountability that comes with a balanced budget amendment.


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