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Real Solutions to this Debt and Spending Crisis

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SCALISE. Mr. Speaker, after yesterday's action here on the House floor, we have sent not one, but two real solutions to this debt and spending crisis over to the Senate.

The Senate has yet to take action on anything. The President refuses to even submit a plan to solve this problem. All we hear from the President are these divisive class warfare speeches. A speech is not a solution to the problem, especially when you hear of all this foolishness about corporate jet owners and millionaires and billionaires. If the President got his way, if the President confiscated every dollar from corporate jet owners and millionaires and billionaires, he himself knows that wouldn't solve the problem.

And yet what you have is a spending problem in Washington. You don't solve a spending problem by sending even more spending to Washington so that they can blow even more money. What we actually need to do is not a balanced approach, we need a balanced budget amendment to our Constitution, so that you can finally invoke accountability in Washington to solve the spending problem.

Job-killing taxes, more tax increases that only gives Washington more money to spend. Instead of facing the problem, we have got to stop ignoring the problem. The President needs to get his head out of the sand and address the real spending crisis in Washington.

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