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House Passes Second Plan to Address Debt Crisis


Location: Washington, DC

"Tonight, I voted for a bill that cuts spending more than any increase in the debt limit without raising taxes. It also requires both the House and Senate to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment and send it to the states for ratification before the debt limit can be raised again. And it sets up a process for even more spending cuts.

This is the second bill that the House passed to prevent the government from defaulting on our debt.

Still, this bill is not the bill I would have preferred. I believe the "Cut, Cap, and Balance" measure was a better approach, which passed the House with bipartisan support, but was defeated in the Senate on a party line vote.

So now, the Senate once again has the chance to vote on a bill passed by the House. I hope Senator Reid allows for its consideration as soon as possible.

People are frustrated at this situation, and I am as well. But, in the end, this debate is about the size and scope of government and its role in our lives. This is an opportunity to turn around the growth in government over the last few years and right the ship. The way to do that is by making serious and significant changes, and this debt debate still gives us that chance."

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