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Issue Position: Budget, Economy and Jobs

Issue Position


I believe there is no reason we cannot have a robust and expanding economy. To do this we must create the conditions conducive for economic growth -- namely, cutting taxes, reducing government spending, eliminating costly and burdensome regulations, and fostering an economic climate of certainty that instills businesses with the confidence to invest and create jobs.

We know from experience that massive federal spending packages don't work. They can't harness the ingenuity and creativity of the American worker. They merely serve to saddle us and our children with an ever growing burden of debt and act as a drag on the economy. Excessive government spending does not create sustainable good-paying jobs; the bulk of job creation comes from private sector businesses.

That's why I support cutting taxes for working Americans and the businesses that hire them. Lower taxes mean more money for businesses to expand and create jobs and more money in the pockets of Americans to spend as they see fit.

I support reducing the regulatory burden on businesses. Senseless regulations are costly. The more money businesses must spend to comply with government mandates, the less they have to reinvest and hire workers.

I favor gaining control of and cutting federal spending. American families have to live within their means. The federal government should as well.

Once we establish a sensible federal budget, cut spending, and lower taxes, the economy will once again grow and create jobs.

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