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Hall Calls for Real Solution to Debt Crisis


Location: Washington, DC

Today Rep. Ralph Hall (TX-04) voted against H.R. 2693, Senate Leader Reid's (D-NV) proposal to raise the debt ceiling without making any substantive cuts. The bill has yet to pass the Senate, and also failed House passage, 173-246. Following the vote, Hall released the following statement:

"Last night, the House offered the Budget Control Act, a responsible solution to allow the President to raise the debt ceiling through 2012 in two steps, provided that Congress act on a package of deficit cuts and move first on enacting a constitutional balanced budget amendment, of which I am a longtime supporter. This is the second bill in two weeks that the House has sent the Senate in an attempt to negotiate a real solution to our debt crisis. The Senate, rather than work towards a compromise with Republicans, tabled the House's measure directly after receiving it. Their action did not surprise me, for they are leading up to a significant vote on Monday, August 1st.

"Today, the House voted on Senator Reid's proposal, which has not yet passed the Democrat-led Senate. This is due to the fact that the chamber does not currently have the support necessary to pass its own bill. The House voted on the Reid bill today to proactively show that it doesn't have enough votes, and to convince the Senate not to waste any more time on a bill that can't pass.

"At a time when we are debating the importance of fiscal responsibility by making necessary cuts, Senator Reid proposes increases in the debt ceiling that far outweigh any cuts it makes in spending. This, of course, is not acceptable.

"I voted against Reid's proposal because it is full of budget tricks and phony 'savings' that do not amount to substantial spending cuts and would lead to higher taxes for American families and job creators; it would slash defense funding by $868 billion over ten years; and allow President Obama to avoid being held accountable for his out-of-control spending.

"I want a real solution to the debt problem our country is facing, and I recognize that compromise is necessary in order to move forward. What I will not compromise on are the demands of the American people who have repeatedly told Washington to make significant cuts in its excessive spending habit. As negotiations move forward over the next few days, I will continue to work towards a solution to get Washington's spending under control so that our economy can grow, jobs are created, and the fiscal future for our children and grandchildren will be secure. I hope that the House and Senate efforts will provide a bill that will guide me to a vote that reflects the voices of those I represent."

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