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Statement on the Revised Budget Control Act


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tim Scott released the following statement after tonight's vote on the reworked Budget Control Act:

"The debate surrounding the debt ceiling is proof we have taken huge steps towards changing the culture in Washington. Speaker Boehner and the Republican leadership team have done a great job of expressing the conservative position and showing the American people we are serious about tightening our belt.

However, this compromise did not take enough steps towards ensuring a stable economic future in order to earn my vote. The short-term spending reductions in the bill were insufficient, I believe the Balanced Budget Amendment should be mandated, and I have concerns with lingering questions regarding defense cuts.

Despite my decision on this particular vote, I am pleased with the direction we are moving the debate, and want to thank the American people for supporting the principles of Cut, Cap, and Balance. I will continue the fight to reign in spending, reform our tax code, and get the government out of the way of our job creators."

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