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Issue Position: Judiciary Constitution

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The Constitution is not a living, breathing document. It is a set of rights that are enumerated and limited.

As Justice Scalia has so well put it, those who believe the Constitution is a living, breathing document, "want the whole country to do it their way from coast to coast. They want to drive one issue after another off the stage of political debate ... Every time you insert into the Constitution - by speculation - new rights that aren't really there you are impoverishing democracy. You are pushing one issue after another off the democratic stage."

In the same vein, every time the Congress takes for itself new powers, not enumerated in the Constitution, it chips away at freedom, individual liberty, and the right of the people to choose what is best for them, in their communities.

I believe that the Bill of Rights guarantees certain rights, but also limits the federal government to those rights. I will continue the fight to limit the power and scope of the federal government and return power and responsibility to the greatest repository of such rights, the American citizen.

The 2nd Amendment as an individual right

The 10th Amendment limitations on the scope of the federal government

Judges who understand the Constitution is located within the four corners of the document and never using foreign legal judgments as the basis for Constitutional interpretation

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