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Issue Position: Health Care

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Health care in America is the best in the world. America continually leads the way in medical transformation and innovation. Whether it is genetic treatment, mapping the human genome, providing quality care to all, or leading the world in cures, there is a reason people flock to America for treatment. But all of that does not mean we cannot do better still.

Consumer choice, coupled with robust competition, plus individual ownership and responsibility will lead to more affordable coverage for all Americans.

I believe we must fundamentally change how we deliver and consume health care in America. There must be a robust, fifty state health care insurance market as well as flexibility in determining what plans are best for you and your family. There must be individual ownership and incentives for wellness. Much like the auto bailouts and hurricane coverage, people must pay the cost of their decisions. Innovative programs like health status insurance and term-health insurance to cover pre-existing conditions should be permitted and promoted.

We must also alter the way we pay for services under Medicare and Medicaid. Doctors continue to drop Medicare and Medicaid patients because the funding formula just doesn't work. That was just one of the reasons I opposed the public option. We must expand and strengthen Medicare Advantage and TRICARE for our Veterans.

Lastly, we should encourage the graduation of more doctors and fewer lawyers. As a lawyer who has spent his career defending job creators and consumers, I know the last thing America needs are more lawyers. Increasing Pell Grants and other educational grants to medical students with offsets in assistance to law students will do much to reduce cost. Currently, the United States is #52 in the world in the number of doctors per 1,000 persons.

Lastly, but most importantly, States must enact robust tort reform, including a loser-pays system to put an end to frivolous law suits that do nothing but enrich lawyers and increase costs for all Americans.


* Repeal and Replace

* De-funding Obamacare

* De-funding Obamacare Robust opposition to the public option

* Challenging payoffs to legislators for support

* Allowing for the sale of health insurance across State lines

* Real tort reform and a "loser pays" tort system, making those who file frivolous awsuits pay

* Expanding the use and contribution limits on Health Savings Accounts

* No coverage mandates across State lines -- allow policies to be tailored to risk pool needs

* Allowing for the sale of health insurance like term life insurance -- locking in a rate, unable to be dropped regardless of condition, for a set term

* Allowing for the sale of "health status insurance"

* Allowing individuals to deduct all premiums off of their taxes and not just those 7.5% above Adjusted Gross Income

* Association and Small Business Health pools

* Vigorous prosecution of Medicare fraud

* Encouraging insurers to offer premium reductions for health care targets like blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol, much like car insurers offer safe driver discounts. The United States spends more per person on health care then any country in the world, yet we are #47 in life expectancy

* Federal loan forgiveness and repayment programs to medical students -- increasing the supply of doctors

* Reforming Medicare via the Ryan Roadmap

* Implementing the Price Plan for Health Care Competition

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