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Statement on Agreement to Avoid Default, Continue Work to Make Washington Live Within its Means


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jim Gerlach (PA-6th District) voted Monday night in favor of a bipartisan agreement to ensure the United States continues paying all of its bills on time and takes important steps toward eliminating wasteful Washington spending.

He issued the following statement after the House passed the proposed Budget Control Act of 2011 by a 269-161 margin:

"Prolonged uncertainty and higher taxes are the last things that people looking for work and those concerned about holding onto their jobs need right now. This legislation ends weeks of uncertainty about whether the United States would default for the first time in our history. No one wanted to risk sending interest rates soaring and making it even harder to create jobs and help businesses grow. Equally important is the fact that Congress will not raise taxes on Pennsylvania families and employers.

And unlike past votes to raise the debt ceiling, Congress is not handing the President a blank check because spending will be cut by a greater amount than the borrowing limit increases. This legislation creates an opportunity for real reforms, including clearing the way for a vote on amending the Constitution to require a balanced federal budget. Finally, it is important to remember that the work of House Republicans to eliminate wasteful Washington spending did not begin with this debt limit debate. Clearly, our job of making Washington live within its means is far from finished with this vote."

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