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Blog: Time to Focus on Jobs


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The latest monthly unemployment numbers are out this morning. The Obama administration has broken yet another record. We have now gone 30 months with the unemployment rate over 8 percent, the longest such interval since the Great Depression came to an end.

Jobs are "my administration's overriding focus," said Barack Obama back in November 2009 just as he was putting the finishing touches on his job-killing health-care legislation. Jobs are "priority number one" is what he said in January 2010. And today he is talking about jobs again and again.

But talk seems to come easy to the President. What exactly is he doing, and where are the jobs? A lot of unemployed Americans want to know.

We need to move in a different direction. We need to get government out of the way and get the economy back on course. We've done it in the past. With the right leadership we can do it again. We're paying a high price for the hesitations and mistakes of a President who has been learning on the job.

America can do better, much better. That's why I am running for President.

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