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House Passes Second Plan to Avert Crisis, Senate Needs to Act


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-20) voted today in support of legislation, the Budget Control Act of 2011, that raises the nation's debt limit with a $3 trillion cut in spending. His statement on the vote is as follows:

"This evening, I voted yes on a plan to avert our present crisis by raising the debt ceiling and begin the process of instituting the structural changes necessary to restore fiscal responsibility. We're at a decisive turning point in our nation's history, and we must take action. The Budget Control Act of 2011, which is not the perfect plan, has, at its core, a policy of cut, cap, and balance. These three principles will enable us to avoid default and make the significant and structural changes necessary to work to prevent a credit rating downgrade. Additionally, to be clear, this plan makes no cuts to Social Security or Medicare.

"The House has now passed two plans to move our country forward. Thus far, the Senate has failed to act on anything. If the Senate cannot pass either of our plans in their current form, then I urge them to amend our legislation and send it back to the House for consideration. Continued inaction is simply not an option."

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