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ICYMI: Americans Want Cut, Cap, and Balance Plan; Gibson Calls on Senate to Engage in Debate


Location: Washington, DC

66 percent of Americans polled by CNN favor a raising of the "debt ceiling only if a balanced budget amendment were passed by both houses of Congress and substantial spending cuts and caps on future spending
were approved."

Congressman Chris Gibson Reaction: "On Tuesday night, the House of Representatives passed, with 234 bipartisan votes, a bill to avert our present crisis and set our nation on a path to fiscal solvency. This "Cut, Cap, and Balance" plan makes sense and the American people support it because, quite simply, it ensures we restore fiscal responsibility, move back to a balanced budget, and then stay there. Americans agree with this balanced approach because it's how every American family must manage their finances. Furthermore, it is a plan that makes no changes to Medicare and Social Security, protecting the benefits that seniors have worked their whole lives for, and it's a plan that allows me and others to make the case going forward that we need major reforms in our national security establishment and Washington, DC bureaucracy, which would allow significant savings and better security and governance.

"The Senate is expected to consider this proposal today and I urge Majority Leader Harry Reid to let the bill face an "up or down' vote. It is far past time for the Senate to detail their proposal and if they can't pass our legislation in its current form, then I would welcome them sending back to us a counter-offer within the construct of Cut, Cap, and Balance. We need a negotiated agreement that solves the problem.

"According to S&P and Moody's, in order to prevent a downgrade of our credit rating, we need to take immediate action to avert default and implement meaningful and significant spending reforms to restore fiscal responsibility. As the results of the CNN poll indicate, the Cut, Cap, and Balance plan, which passed with bipartisan support in the House, accomplishes that goal and should be implemented now."

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