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Statement on Debt Deal Vote


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Dennis A. Ross (R-FL) released the following statement announcing his intention to vote NO on the "Debt Deal." Congressman Ross released the following statement,

"America is nearly upside down on the national mortgage and this legislation is not a viable long term solution to put our fiscal house in order. No responsible bank would lend to a family in the financial condition our nation is in without a realistic and enforceable plan to get their spending under control. Without a Balanced Budget Amendment in place, this deal, as with dozens of others, will barely last through this election, let alone ten years. My kids and grandkids cannot afford trillions more in debt and I was not sent here to heel like a good puppy when the President or the Treasury Secretary says so. I was sent here to do what is right for my constituents and the nation, even if that makes me unpopular or costs me my seat."

Congressman Ross continued, "The Speaker is up against the most liberal President since Jimmy Carter and a Senate that spends more time bloviating than legislating. I do not envy him that task. No one should mistake my differences with this legislation as an indication of any problem with my Speaker. Those of us who vote no on today's legislation will send a message to the President that 75% of the American people want to tie Washington's hands when it comes to spending with a Balanced Budget Amendment and we know our Speaker will be there when it happens."

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