Statement on Today's Vote


By:  Dennis Ross
Date: July 29, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Dennis A. Ross (R-FL) released the following statement upon the vote today. Congressman Ross said,

"Congress has clearly demonstrated, both in the past few years and the past few months that a Balanced Budget Amendment is required to save Congress from itself. All households and businesses borrow, but when either begins to borrow to pay off debt, the end is near. With today's GDP numbers, our nation is at a precipice. We take the Reid Road and bury our heads in the sand and sell our children's futures, or we end Washington's addiction to deficit spending and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment."

Congressman Ross continued, "Today's bill by the Speaker gives Senator Reid and the President another opportunity to join 75% of the American people in this cause. They can win the future with us, or they can preside over an economic collapse. Like any addict, Washington needs an intervention. The Balanced Budget Amendment is spending rehab for Congress and the American people demand they go."

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