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Congressman Brian Bilbray Statement on Debt Ceiling Negotiations


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Brian Bilbray (CA-50) issued the following statement in response to the ongoing debt ceiling negotiation and our country's economic future:

"The United States will make good on its debt obligations but reaching our debt limit is only a symptom of the real problem. Forty-cents out of every dollar our government spends is borrowed. We are not just borrowing from China to the tune of $1.16 trillion, we are stealing from our grandchildren. In order to restore certainty in our economy to bolster job growth and keep America competitive we need to stop spending money we don't have. Raising the debt limit without a credible plan to end Washington's wasteful spending will destroy jobs and make our debt problems even worse." -- Congressman Brian Bilbray, Represents California's 50th Congressional District

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