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ToloNews - Appropriate to Target Terrorists in any Country: US Governor

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Location: Unknown

Governor Rick Perry of Texas has suggested to the US troops to be on the lookout for insurgents hiding anywhere sketching terrorist plans against the US citizens and troops.

"It is absolutely appropriate to penetrate into any country that is harbouring terrorists that are planning to do ill will to citizens of the United States or our forces," Governor Rich Perry told a TOLOnews reporter in Texas in response to a question about the US counterterrorism strategy.

Texas governor has suggested military action against the countries with clear evidence of providing shelter or safe havens to terrorists.

Governor Rick Perry said: "I would suggest that any country that is harbouring terrorists should be on the lookout for American troops to make right particularly those that there is clearly compelling evidence that they are either planning or have engaged in activities that would harm American citizens or our troops."

He see US humanitarian aid beside military efforts crucial to dismantle and neutralise terrorists in the region.

"We consider Afghanistan a friend of the United States and helping them develop strong agricultural base just like in Vietnam, there we helped the Vietnamese develop an agricultural aspect" could be helpful to bring the country back on its feet, he said.

The governor has underlined the US borderless fight against terrorism as on first May Osama Bin Laden hiding in a compound in the garrison town of Abbottabad was shot dead in a unilateral operation carried by a small team of US special forces.

The leader of al-Qaeda network being found hiding in a plain terrain in the heart of Pakistan, the close ally of the US in the fight against regional terrorism, was a huge shock all around the globe.

Other terrorist commanders and operatives are also believed to be hiding in Pakistan for years now and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is under pressure to help the US to track them down.

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