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Issue Position: Defense and National Security

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Our government's foremost Constitutional duty is to protect the United States and its citizens by providing for our common defense. Unfortunately, the world is not getting any safer. Our men and women in uniform are currently engaged in large scale conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan while simultaneously maintaining strategic US military positions around the world. No fighting force in the history of the world has ever been tasked with such a wide array of responsibilities. To facilitate our troops' success we must ensure that our military is equipped with what it needs, when itneeds it. At the same time, Congress has a duty to force the Pentagon to identify and remove fraud and waste in its programs to ensure that taxpayer funds are used to benefit our troops on the ground.

Over the past 70 years the nature of the threats to our nation's security has changed. Since WWII, through the Cold War, and into the present day our military has had to rapidly adapt to combat these new threats. Combating terrorism and the groups that use it is the number one priority of the modern military. To that end, we must secure our borders in order to prevent terrorist attacks on American soil. In Iraq and Afghanistan we must avoid strict timelines that allow our enemies to plan around our future movements. While our government should not be involved in the business of nation building, it is important that we do not leave a region until it is secure. In Congress I am working to make sure that America's military power is not diminished and that our military remains capable of meeting these challenges.

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