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Issue Position: National Defense - Afghanistan

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Susan continues to take every opportunity to challenge our Administration and our military leaders to find the most sensible strategy for Afghanistan, given that there are no easy solutions to this conflict. When General Petraeus testified before the House Armed Services Committee in the 11th Congress, she was able to discuss with him the course of our efforts in Afghanistan.

She has also questioned whether the Administration's approach is a "bridge too far" given the lack of credibility the Karzai government has with its own people. While reform has been slow, President Obama has made it clear to President Karzai that the United States will not tolerate the endemic corruption in the Karzai government. The corruption in Afghanistan has fueled much of the insurgency there, and Susan continues to closely monitor what concrete steps the Afghan president takes to build a country where people believe their interests come before their leader's aggrandizement.

Despite the tough road ahead, Susan does believe that the threat of Afghanistan once again becoming a terrorist safe-haven represents a national security challenge to our country that merits action. Susan will continue to work with her colleagues, the Administration, and experts in the field to help ensure that the strategy in place is the right path forward.

Susan has been very engaged on Afghanistan and has traveled to the region several times to get a first hand knowledge of the realities on the ground.

Susan has also worked with her colleagues on the House Armed Services Committee to bring attention to the issue and encourage the White House to define a strategy and goals so that the American people know why we are engaged in a conflict half way around the world.

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