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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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Fixing Our Broken Immigration System:
America is a nation of immigrants, and many of us are the descendants of immigrants who came to the United States seeking freedom and opportunity. It is that determination to build a better life for our children and future generations that makes our nation so strong.

Our current immigration system is broken, and has been for some time. It keeps families of legal immigrants and U.S. citizens separated for decades. It allows for the exploitation of undocumented workers. It discourages legal immigration and does not meet the needs of our economy. And it keeps millions of hardworking, law abiding families who have lived in our communities for decades hiding in the shadows.

Rep. Becerra believes the only solution is comprehensive immigration reform that is tough, smart and fair. That means:

* Strengthening border security and cracking down on unscrupulous employers.
* Requiring undocumented immigrants to get on the right side of the law by passing background checks, learning English and paying taxes before they get in the back of the line to become citizens.
* Reforming our legal immigration system so that it can better serve our national and economic interests.

Passing comprehensive immigration reform will keep America strong.

The DREAM Act:
The DREAM Act is common-sense legislation that would give students who grew up in the United States a chance to contribute to our country's future by serving in the U.S. Armed Forces or pursuing a higher education.

On December 8th, 2010 the House of Representatives passed the DREAM Act by a vote of 216-198. Regrettably, the measure was blocked by a minority of Senators using a procedural tactic--the filibuster--to kill the measure despite the majority support.

Following that vote, Rep. Becerra said: "The dream is within reach of becoming reality. And it's no mystery why both Democrats and Republicans supported the DREAM Act--it's a sensible solution that embodies fundamental American values. This bill pulls from the shadows children who grew up pledging allegiance to our flag, speaking our language and--despite difficult circumstances--graduating from our high schools.

"Pay your fees and taxes, put on the uniform to serve our country or excel so that you are college bound. That is the way to get on the right path as an immigrant. The DREAM Act is not only the right thing to do for some of the best and brightest children caught in a broken immigration system, it is a smart thing to do for our country and our future."

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