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MSNBC - Palin Rips Taxes with Boston Tea Partiers - Transcript

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Location: Unknown

BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: And now to the anger. The tea party movement , for one, sparked by foreclosures , job losses, Wall Street bailouts and in some cases just plain politics. Today they held a party in the original tea party city of Boston . A lot of anger was coming from the podium at the rally and one of the featured speakers Sarah Palin . Our own Rehema Ellis is with us now from Boston Common . Rehema , good evening .

REHEMA ELLIS reporting: Good evening , Brian . In this city where the American revolutionary spirit was born some 200 years ago, Sarah Palin and the tea party movement found a warm welcome.

Ms. SARAH PALIN: This is about the people. This is the people's movement .

ELLIS: The mega star of the conservative movement rallied thousands of tea party supporters on Boston Common , demanding change.

Ms. PALIN: We need to cut taxes so that our families can keep more of what we earn and produce , and our mom and pops then, our small businesses , can reinvest according to our own priorities and hire more people.

ELLIS: At the event , one of 20 on the tea party express tour, Palin blasted what she calls big government .

Ms. PALIN: Is this what their change is all about? I want to tell them, ` Nah , you know, we'll keep clinging to our Constitution and our guns and religion, and you can keep the change.'

ELLIS: Many at the rally say they're frustrated.

Ms. DIDA HAGAN: I'm not a racist. I'm not a moron. I'm not stupid. I am a mother , a wife, a daughter , a sister, a nice person who pays taxes , too many taxes .

Mr. TOM BERRY: Have you looked at the debt clock lately? It's enormous. Everybody's taking us to the same place. It's just the party in power now is taking us there faster.

ELLIS: While rallies like this one tap into a growing sentiment of discontent about government , an underlying question here is what does the future hold for its keynoter Sarah Palin . Since resigning as Alaska 's governor, Palin has reportedly earned $12 million on book deals, speaking engagements and TV ventures.

Mr. DOMENICO MONTANARO (NBC News Political Unit): Sarah Palin certainly hasn't ruled out a 2012 run, but she's made a lot of money since she resigned as governor of Alaska , and chances are she's not ready to give that up right now.

Ms. PALIN: We need Congress to hear us.

ELLIS: For now, Palin is continuing her campaign with tea party supporters and gearing up for election season.

Ms. PALIN: So, folks, from now until November, when they say, `Yes, we can,' we're going to all say, `Oh, no you don't.'

ELLIS: One high-profile Republican not among the thousands out here today, freshman Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown , who pundits say is keeping his distance as he tries to find his political legs in Washington . And, Brian , we should tell you that the tea party express , without Sarah Palin , makes it way to the nation's capital tomorrow on tax day . Brian :

WILLIAMS: All right. Rehema Ellis from Boston for us tonight . Rehema, thanks.

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