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Providing for Consideration of S. 365, Budget Control Act of 2011

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. LANCE. Thank you, Chairman Dreier, for your leadership on this extremely important issue.

I rise in support of the rule, and I rise in support the underlying legislation which is, by its nature, bipartisan, bicameral and a compromise that avoids default, adds certainty to our economic recovery, and puts our Nation on a sustainable path towards fiscal responsibility. What we need in America is jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, and this will help that effort forward.

This support is consistent with my longstanding efforts to bring fiscal sanity to New Jersey and to be among those attempting to bring it here to Washington. The main portions of the compromise have been outlined, but for the first time the narrative on Capitol Hill is no longer how much can government spend, but how we can best reduce spending. This new awakening to fiscal prudence is in the best interests of the Nation and, indeed, I believe is the critical issue of our generation.

I commend Speaker Boehner for his superb leadership on this issue, and I shall vote for the rule and the underlying legislation in the belief that it will help move our Nation forward.


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