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Runyan Backs Negotiated Debt Ceiling Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Jon Runyan (NJ-3) issued the following statement in response to House passage of the Budget Control Act of 2011:

"Today I voted with a bipartisan majority of my House colleagues to place our nation's fiscal future on a more stable path and prevent our country from defaulting on its obligations. The Budget Control Act of 2011 (S. 365) is not all that I would want but it is certainly a step in the right direction. Instead of simply increasing the credit line on the nation's credit card as previous Washington politicians have done for years, the House-passed legislation ties any increases in the debt ceiling to real spending cuts. It adheres to the basic principles that I have maintained: It allows for an increase in the debt ceiling, but only with meaningful, long-term corresponding cuts in spending - without tax increases. The legislation also provides for an up or down vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in both the House and Senate.

"In November of 2010 the American people elected a new group of representatives determined to stop the all too common practice in Washington DC, that being - continuing to saddle our children and grandchildren with mounds of debt they will never be able to repay. Over the last few weeks the voters in New Jersey's Third Congressional District have made their voices heard loud and clear. Among the thousands of calls and emails that have come into my office expressing a variety of opinions, the one common denominator is absolute and complete frustration with Washington, and the failure of our leaders to actually lead, not just in this immediate debate on increasing the debt ceiling -- but in the years of failed leadership that allowed the country to get to this point in the first place.

"As one of those new Members, I have been focused on bringing greater accountability and common sense to Washington. The size and scope of our country's fiscal problems are far greater and more complex than can be fixed in a single piece of legislation. We have a long road ahead of us to be sure, but I am prepared to continue to do my part at chipping away at the problem until we get the job done. I remain committed to making the tough decisions needed in the short and long term to get our fiscal house in order, reduce the size and scope of government, and get our spending under control.

"This bipartisan agreement is the latest in multiple attempts by House Republicans to enact serious steps in correcting our government's fiscal imbalance. In April, my colleagues passed the FY 2012 Budget that sought to reduce spending by $5.8 trillion over the next ten years, while taking bold steps toward tackling entitlement reform. And last month, we passed Cut, Cap and Balance (HR 2560), legislation that would have cut discretionary expenditures below 2008 levels, cap spending down from 22.5% to 19.9 % of GDP, while coupling any debt ceiling increase to congressional passage of the Balance Budget Amendment. Both failed in the Senate. But, today I applaud my colleagues as I support this latest endeavor, which I believe will institute greater control over our government's fiscal situation."

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