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Issues Facing America

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. MYRICK. Well, it's my honor to be here. And I thank you for yielding me the time.

As you said, we have a lot of colleagues here, and most of us share the same ideas relative to what we're about. You mentioned and are talking there about the dinner table and women being financial planners. We do the budget. We're the ones that take care of our families, as you said. We're the health care providers, all of that.

You mentioned your husband's in business, but I, also, am a former small business owner. And when I look at what's happening today, there are so many businesses--I think there are, like, 400 new businesses every day that are started by women in this country. And when I talk to business owners at home, they say to me: I am really concerned about the fact that I could expand my business, but I'm afraid to because of the uncertainty that's out there. I don't know what policies are coming down. I don't know what kind of health care costs I'm going to have. I don't know what tax policies and what, if I hire somebody, it's going to cost me to retain that employee. I don't want to go out and hire them and train them and then have to turn right around and, you know, maybe let them go because I can't afford to keep them.

So the policies that we're working on--and all of the women in Congress on our side of the aisle that really care about these issues--are to make sure that we put policies in place that help and promote those small businesses to exist because they hire most of the people in the country. Most of the jobs are provided by small business. And it's really important.

I also, from another standpoint, used to be the mayor of Charlotte. Unfortunately, the first and only female mayor. I wish somebody else would run on the female side, but that's beside the point.

What I wanted to say is that we had to operate with a balanced budget, very simple. And you can do it. We've been talking this week and actually passed a bill yesterday of cut, cap, and balance. I mean, what a novel idea. It's the way all of us live all the time. It's how we do our business. And there's no reason the Federal Government, like the 49 States that balance their budgets, can't be living under a balanced budget.

Yes, it's tough. We have to make some hard decisions. But the bottom line in all of that is we can do it. And if we have the resolve and the American people want us to do it, there's no such thing as government money. It's all the taxpayers who send their money up here to Washington. That's what we're spending. And we've been spending too much of it.

So I'm encouraged by the fact that we really did have a vote on that bill yesterday that says we're going to live within our means, we're going to do what you do every day, and that we, as women, can have a voice in that and we'll continue to have a voice in that.

And I thank you so much for putting this together so that we have a chance to express that to the American people.


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