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Aderholt Supports Budget Control Act of 2011


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04), today issued the following statement after the Budget Control Act of 2011, passed the United States House of Representatives by 218-210. The Budget Control Act cuts and caps discretionary spending, takes measures to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in multiple federal programs, requires the consideration of a balanced budget amendment and provides a $900 billion debt limit increase ensuring the continued financial stability of the United States.

"The Budget Control Act passed today may not be a perfect piece of legislation, however it provides reasonable spending cuts that exceed the increase in the debt ceiling while at the same time protecting Social Security, Medicare and veterans benefits," said Aderholt. "We did not get in to this budget mess with a single vote. House Republicans have consistently cut spending at every turn in an effort to get us out of it. And the Budget Control Act is the best step at this time in the fight to require Washington to live within its means from here on out."

"The national debt has increased by $3.7 trillion since just 2009 and today it stands at nearly $14.3 trillion dollars. That's $46,000 per American citizen. We cannot continue down the same path and expect a different result. The measure puts in place immediate spending cuts and then spells out a process that sets spending caps that limits future spending. Cutting spending and setting caps on future spending is the only way that we will get Washington on to the path of fiscal responsible and to renew economic and job growth," concluded Aderholt.

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