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Issue Position: Seniors, Protecting Social Security & Medicare

Issue Position

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Doggett: Remove Seniors' Social Security Numbers from Medicare Cards to Prevent Identity Theft:

44 million Americans are carrying in their wallet or purse something that makes them more vulnerable to identity theft: their Medicare card. Apart from the Social Security card itself, the Medicare card is the most frequently issued government document containing a person's Social Security number and displaying such information on Medicare cards unnecessarily places millions of individuals at-risk for identity theft. Since 2008, as part of a bipartisan effort, I have called on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to take steps that private companies and other government agencies have already taken to protect the identities of seniors by removing the display of Social Security numbers on Medicare cards. I introduced legislation in the 110th Congress, which was passed by the House of Representatives with broad support, that called on the agency to take action. And, on behalf of seniors and people with disabilities, I am renewing my efforts in the 111th to once and for all ensure that seniors have the same protection that those with private insurance do.

Congressman Doggett Works to Protect Social Security:

I have consistently fought against misguided and risky privatization schemes that would divert substantial payroll taxes to Wall Street management fees and replace the safety net of Social Security with the insecurity of the market. Recent events demonstrate that we cannot subject retirees' security to such a roller coaster ride. We need to strengthen and improve retirement security, not promote insecurity. Social Security, one of the most successful programs ever created, has administrative costs of less than 1%. In comparison, administrative costs on private accounts would cost at least 10 times as much and could consume more than one-third of the final account balance. In seven decades, Social Security has never been a day late or a dollar short.

House Passes Congressman Doggett's Silver Alert Bill:

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed my bill, the National Silver Alert Act (H.R. 6064), to help law enforcement quickly locate missing seniors. Silver Alert is a public notification system similar to Amber Alert that is triggered by the report of a missing senior with Alzheimer's or other mental impairments. Our seniors, who have worked a lifetime and raised a family, need our special help when they can no longer help themselves.

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