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Scalise: New Report Confirms 230,000 Jobs Would Be Created by Increasing American Energy Exploration

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Scalise today issued the following statement after a newly released ISH Global Insight report highlighted the potential for job creation through offshore energy production in the Gulf of Mexico.

"This latest report confirms what we have said all along -- that the only thing standing in the way of 230,000 new American jobs and billions in new revenue to pay down the debt is President Obama's reckless permitorium that is still blocking American energy exploration," Scalise said. "Ending the reckless permitorium once and for all will lower our debt and improve our economy by increasing American energy production while creating hundreds of thousands of good jobs, and it is time for the President to put clarity in the permitting process and allow people to go back to work exploring for American energy."

According to the report, reducing the current backlog in the approval of drilling plans in the Gulf of Mexico would result in the creation of 230,000 American jobs in 2012 alone. One-third of these jobs would be created outside of the Gulf region, in states like California, Illinois, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

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