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Issue Position: Immigration and Border Security

Issue Position

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Respect for the rule of law is a fundamental American value, and our immigration policy must reinforce that value. Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, securing our borders has become an essential part of our national security strategy. It is vital that we know who and what is coming across each of our nation's borders. To achieve this goal, I support strong policies that plug the holes in our porous borders, make it tougher to obtain and use false identification documents, and take common sense steps to prevent terrorists from operating inside America. As a border state, Texas is frequently confronted with challenges stemming from our southern border.

I support an immigration policy that grants citizenship to those who followed the law and denies citizenship to those who have broken the law. I do not believe that entitlement to American citizenship be granted based simply on birth within our borders, which is why I support H.R. 140, the Birthright Citizenship Act. In addition, I believe that those who reside here have a responsibility to learn our language. It is a matter of safety and security that people learn English when they become citizens of this great country, which is why I support H.R. 997, the English Unity Act. I am also strongly opposed to illegal immigration and granting amnesty to those who have broken our immigration laws.

Finally, any temporary guest worker program must include a viable worker identification system that allows employers to easily verify a worker's immigration status. Guest worker programs should only be used when Americans cannot be found to fill a job and must be efficient for employers and workers in order to increase compliance; this is why I support H.R. 704 the SAFE for America Act, which would finally reform this outdated and unfair process. A bold line must be drawn between those here legally and illegally, and guest workers should only be guests, as their title implies. After their working period ends, they must return to their home country.

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