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Issue Position: Economy and Jobs

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All across the country, Americans working to provide for their families in an uncertain economy. The failed policies of former Congresses have left many Americans searching for work. Yet the President and his congressional allies continue to maintain that the answer to our unemployment and economic problems can be found in a bigger, more costly government. They believe programs like the stimulus, bailouts and more big spending will lead to economic prosperity. There are countless historical examples showing that government spending fails to create lasting economic growth and job creation. In actuality, these policies are putting Americans on a path toward government dependence rather than self reliance.

But America's success does not stem from Washington programs, but from free enterprise and our entrepreneurial spirit. The real way to grow the economy is to get government out of the way, and let the real job creators, American small businesses, create jobs. The federal government needs to support entrepreneurs by eliminating burdensome regulations and discriminatory taxes that are holding businesses back.

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