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Kind Calls for Halting Member Pay during Default

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind today called for stopping member pay during a default.

"If Congress cannot compromise on a bipartisan, long-term solution to our budget deficits and we default on our obligations, the pay of Senators and Representatives should be last on the list of bills to be paid. There is no reason Members of Congress should be paid if veterans, seniors and the disabled aren't receiving their benefits. Hopefully this will be the motivation my colleagues need to get our country on a sound fiscal path."

Currently, the Constitution protects Member pay. That's why legislation is necessary. The Stop Pay for Members Act stops Members of Congress from getting paid if America defaults. According to a Bipartisan Policy Center analysis, if America defaults, the Treasury Department would have to choose which of the approximately $80 million in payments need to be made with the limited revenue available. The Stop Pay for Members Act would place Members of the House and Senate dead last on the list, virtually ensuring that Members would not get paid should a default occur.

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