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Where's Your Plan, Mr. President?

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. FLEMING. Mr. Speaker, just moments ago this body passed the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill. Today we stand at a crossroads that will define our Nation's financial security for generations. Republicans, we have a plan that cuts the Federal budget, caps Federal spending, and balances the Federal budget with a constitutional amendment so we do not have this problem in perpetuity.

Democrats, well, there is no plan, no plan to bring this country back to financial sanity. Yet my colleagues on the left continue to criticize the House Republican plan. In all the time my colleagues on the Democrat side have been attacking the House Republican plan, they could have come up with one of their own. Even the President talks about his plan; yet he has yet to produce one. This shows once again a complete failure of leadership by President Obama and congressional Democrats.

The American people spoke loudly and clearly in the 2010 elections: They want Federal spending cut. It's that simple. Let's follow through and not let the American people down.

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