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Issue Position: Economy & Jobs

Issue Position

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Right now, too many families are struggling just to make ends meet. I am dedicated to working with my colleagues to reduce unemployment, restore job security for the middle class, and support America's economic recovery.

Since the economic downturn began, I have voted for legislation that is working to

* Reform the culture of corruption on Wall Street
* Create incentives for small businesses
* Prevent outsourcing
* Enhance US manufacturing

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

I also for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which has been credited with creating more than 570,000 jobs, including over 900 jobs in the First District alone.

Make It In America

This Congress must do more to create jobs and stimulate the economy. I strongly support the Democratic Leadership's Make it in America initiative, which focuses on revitalizing manufacturing in America, creating new good-paying jobs, and making our nation more secure. In the 111th Congress, I was proud to vote for a variety of legislation working to create the conditions to help American businesses produce goods here, innovate here, and create jobs here - many of the wise investments necessary for America to out-educate, out-innovate, and out-build its international competitors. Last year, the following Make it in America bills were signed into law by President Obama:

* U.S. Manufacturing Enhancement Act: Makes it cheaper for American companies to obtain the materials they need to manufacture goods. [Public Law 111-227]
* Protecting American Patents: Helps the Patent Office to begin to unclog the backlog--totaling about 1.2 million pending applications--by giving the agency access to more of the fees it collects so that patent applications can continue to be processed and innovative ideas can continue to move to market. [Public Law 111-224]
* Preventing Outsourcing: Prevents the outsourcing of U.S. jobs by closing tax loopholes that encourage companies to send U.S. jobs overseas. [Public Law 111-226]
* Small Business Jobs Act: Expands much needed lending to millions of small businesses and offers tax incentives to help small businesses grow, hire, and fuel our economy, without adding a dime to the deficit. [Public Law 111-240]
* Energy Jobs and Training for Veterans Act: Provides grants for programs to provide on-the-job training, apprenticeship, real experience, and long-term employment in all energy fields. [Public Law 111-275]

I look forward to continuing to support the Make it in America agenda in the 112th Congress. In this Congress, House Democrats are focusing on the following proposals to create jobs and strengthen American industry:

* Investing in infrastructure and supporting the flow of commerce
* Keeping America competitive
* Supporting small business
* Enacting smart tax policy
* Developing clean energy jobs
* Emphasizing innovative education policy
* Enforcing smart regulations and efficient government

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