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Issue Position: Economy & Jobs

Issue Position

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Creating jobs and promoting economic prosperity for all Americans is priority number one for Congressman Garrett. Congressman Garrett has vowed to fight tirelessly to promote job growth -- not by spending the people's money on government programs, but by getting government out of the people's way. He believes the cure to our economic woes cannot be found Washington, DC, but rather in the towns of the Fifth District and others just like it across the United States.

Foster Environment for Growth

With our economy on the ropes, Congressman Garrett believes the most important thing we can do right now is foster an economic environment that's accommodating to the American small business community and encourages private-sector job creation. You do that by liberating small businesses from intrusive government regulation and eliminating excessive government spending. You do that by eliminating job-destroying taxes so that small business owners can reinvest their profits into their businesses and create jobs for Americans. And, most importantly, do that by reducing government spending, balancing the budget and addressing the national debt. The American business community will not have the confidence to grow their businesses and hire new workers unless they truly believe Washington is finally ready to get its fiscal house in order.

Certainty in the Marketplace

Congressman Garrett knows that the key to private-sector job creation can only be achieved if American small businesses have the certainty they need to grow their business and hire new workers. In order to create the certainly necessary for private-sector job creation, Congressman Garrett believes we need to:

* End the burdensome tax hikes and endless regulations mandated by the Democrats' government takeover of health care;
* Ensure American business owners know their tax levels in advance so they can plan for the future;
* Balance the federal budget and shrink the national debt;
* End the bailouts and eradicate the "too big to fail" mentality.

Eliminating "Stimulus" Spending

The so-called "stimulus" plan passed by Democrats failed in its primary purpose -- putting Americans back to work. In January of 2009, the Obama administration predicted that if Congress didn't at quickly to pass its stimulus package, unemployment would go above 8%. Since then, the unemployment rate peaked over 10% and continues to hover at or above 9.5%. Congressman Garrett has long advocated that government spending cannot stimulate the economy because no new wealth is created. The public sector -- by its very nature -- cannot create wealth. Rather than taking money out of the economy, Congressman Garrett believes the government ought to be leaving as much money as possible in the economy so it can be reinvested.

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