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Cut, Cap, and Balance Act

Location: Washington, DC

Today we will vote on H.R. 2560, the Cut, Cap and Balance Act. I support this plan because the only way we are going to keep government spending under control is with a balanced budget amendment. Almost every state has to balance their budget and the federal government must balance ours as well.

Even though I'm reluctant to raise the debt ceiling under any circumstances, Cut, Cap & Balance seems like the perfect compromise.

* Cut, Cap & Balance satisfies those who want to cut spending with a long term plan that requires America to be fiscally responsible.
* Cut, Cap & Balance satisfies those who feel we must raise the debt limit to avoid default, higher interest rates and a financial meltdown.
* Cut, Cap & Balance satisfies those who don't want to raise taxes.

The President's request for a $2.4 trillion debt limit increase can only be justified if accompanied by significant structural reforms, like those offered in the Cut, Cap and Balance Act.

I suspect the plan will pass the house today and I urge you to contact your senators and the White House and urge them to support it as well.

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