Issue Position: Spending and Taxes

Issue Position

By:  Ann Marie Buerkle
Date: Jan. 1, 2011
Location: Unknown

Central and Western New Yorkers know what is best for them and how to save, spend and invest the fruits of their labor. It is their money and as such they should be allowed to keep more of it. The problem with government is not a matter of enough tax revenue, it is a matter of politicians spending too much and piling up too much debt.

The unchecked growth in government is leading to substantial budget deficits that are crippling the economy. Our children's children will be paying for Washington's love of deficit spending. In addition to destroying the economy, the growth of government is usurping individual freedom and displacing private sector initiative. To restore fiscal sanity, Congress must reduce taxes, eliminate wasteful spending, and reform the massive entitlements.

It is no coincidence that federal spending, federal debt, federal regulatory costs and unemployment reached record highs at the same time. Lower taxes, lower government spending and less government interference is the formula for economic growth. It is the prescription for more jobs.

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